Jesus and Judge Roy Bean Always Had Trump’s Number

A fellow in the movie Judge Roy Bean observed there is nothing worse than a harlot turned respectable. “A reformed anything is bad enough, but a reformed harlot is the direct wrath of the Devil,” outlaw Tector Crites tells the Texas legend. “Seems that those who have spent time giving pleasure for profit are allContinue reading “Jesus and Judge Roy Bean Always Had Trump’s Number”

US Corona Update: Trump supporter injected Dettol with mixed results

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A 23-year-old man who put into practice Donald Trump’s theory that injecting the powerful disinfectant, Dettol, directly into the bloodstream would ward off covid-19, experienced mixed results shortly afterwards. Tobias Delroy, a nightwatchman from Dallas, Texas, injected the drain and toilet-cleaning fluid into his arm shortly after hearing Donald…

The Devilish Deceptions Of “Warp Speed” Donald Trump

Pandemic apologist Donald J. “Warp Speed” Trump on Friday took time out from bungling America’s response to the novel coronavirus scourge to accept a commemorative flag on behalf the U.S. Space Force, the latest creation from the bowels of the Pentagon. Outside the six-sided puzzle palace, more than 87,000 Americans were already dead and thousandsContinue reading “The Devilish Deceptions Of “Warp Speed” Donald Trump”

Why I’ve lost all hope, and what I’m going to do about it

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I have it on good authority that my last two posts on this site were a little over the top. Both were laced with profanity and both were met with stony silence from my immediate family, most of whom contend that it’s okay to disagree with Trumpers as long…

Is Donald J. Trump Encouraging Armed Protestors ?

Apparently Donald J. Trump’s incessant drum beating is reaching gun-toting Americans seeking liberation from frustrations they can’t escape. In their own bizarre way, the raging reactionaries are another cruel manifestation of Mother Nature’s punishing new game. Novel coronavirus protesters with military-style mowing machines are showing up around the country to demonstrate their resolve to reopenContinue reading “Is Donald J. Trump Encouraging Armed Protestors ?”

The Singer Of Love Songs – prose by Paul Vincent Cannon

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dVerse Poets – Prosery Bjorn at dVerse has invited us to write a piece of prose including the line “His shadow shouts on a nightmare scream” from Maya Angelou’s ‘Caged Bird’ Image: ? “Hope is a waking dream.”  Aristotle The Singer Of Love Songs O the singer of love songs,…