Another white supremacist killed In SHOOTOUT With Sheriff’s Deputies.

A violent white supremist died in a shootout with sheriff’s deputies in Templeton, California, according to a Friday San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office news release. Armed right-wing reactionaries associated with right-wing causes have been active shooting both police and people of color.

White supremacist and other far-right extremist groups have killed 51 police officers since 1990, according to a report published by the Anti-Defamation League last January. At least three more officers have died at hands of right-wing shooters since the repot was published. Left-wing extremist groups, including black nationalists, killed 11 during the same period.

Christopher Michael Straub, 38, shot a deputy and was subsequently killed while hiding in a cemetery after ambushing pursuing police with his handgun.

Deputy Richard “Ted” Lehnhoff, 34, was hit in the leg and airlifted to a local hospital, where he underwent surgery and is in stable condition, the release said.

Straub continued evading deputies and attempted to return to his vehicle through and adjacent vineyard, but additional deputies arrived on scene and intercepted him as he tried to regain access to his vehicle, the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office said.

Straub was pronounced dead at the scene.

The well-known felon and racist was in possession of a stash of four assault-style rifles, one bolt-action hunting rifle, one shotgun, and two handguns along with the handgun he used to shoot at deputies, plus hundreds of rounds of ammunition when he died. California cops said the well-known white supremacist was making illegally manufacturing weapons parts in his home.

“Straub was a wanted felon and it is illegal for felons to possess any weapons,” the sheriff’s office said.

Straub was a known member of a white supremacist gang and the Sheriff’s Gang Task Force was already conducting an investigation before Thursday’s shooting. The shooter had been booked 28 times into jails all across California including two incarcerations in state prison,” the sheriff’s office said.

Published by Nathaniel R. "Nat" Helms

Nathaniel R Helms is a military author, writer and blogger, former reporter at AP and the defunct St. Louis Globe-Democrat newspaper and assignment editor at ABC-owned Channel 2 in St. Louis. He lives with his wife and dog in St. Charles, MO. His book "My Men Are My Heroes: The Brad Kasal Story", Meridian Publications, (2007), is now in its second printing at Naval Institute Press (2012) during its 12-year run. Helms and co-author Maj. Haytham Faraj, Maj. USMC (Ret.) wrote "No Time For The Truth: The Haditha Incident And The Search For Justice", Arcade, NYC (2012). He recently added "Numba One - Numba Ten: A Vietnam War Novel," and three other books on sale in paperback and e-book on Kindle and Nook at

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